We make easy and professional mobile apps for all churches of any size.
We make easy and professional mobile apps for all churches of any size.

Trusted by over 1500 satisfied users, ChurchFox is a huge success in getting Evangelism beyond reach.

Trusted by over 1500 satisfied users, ChurchFox is a huge success in getting Evangelism beyond reach.

Program Features

Record Management

Our platform empowers you to keep track of people with family information, photo directories and a filter feature. Enjoy control over your data and effective communication by easily sending emails & messages to anyone on the database.


At the core of your church-app, we have developed churchfox to aid churches in e-Evangelism. With over 95% chances of doubling your church growth compare to the current traditional method which involves door-to-door evangelism, radio and television evangelism, pamplets and media advert evangelism. With your church mobile app running on churchfox, you can grow your church by 85% per annual

Live Streaming

Several churches still practice streaming their services to social media website and sending the link to their members via another social chatting app. With your own church-mobile-app, you don't need all these again. You stream into your app, your members get notification of on-going service and join you instantly.


You know when or during an upcoming event, you want to push a bannar to your church members and you need to start sending it to them via chatting app one after the other. You can take away this stress with our Churchfox engine, you can create your own look, change the app colour, add or remove the bannar images, update your articles etc.


With your own customized church-mobile application, you can receive donation from both members and non-members directly into your church account.
Be it Tithe, Offering, Building, Dues and more, you add them, your app collect them.
With our comprehensive accounting system, you know who pay what and when it was paid. Isn't that simple?
Live Share
With our Cloud Hosting, you never run out of storage. Upload and share your mp3 sermons, pastor's publications, devotional guides and more.
Our cloud storage will hold your information for life without you worring about data loss. Do you also experience your members asking for Pastor/Reverend's sermon? With your own church mobile app, you can easily broadcast to all members via your customized church mobile application.
Global reach communication has never been easy until now. Either you want to send an urgent meeting or schedule of event to all members of your church or a specific branch. You only have to login to your account and click send. We take care of your member's directory for you.
Its easy, its safe and its fast.
Stories about how God has worked in our past helps us to encourage others who may be going through something similar now. They see in us the hope that they long to have. They feel a connection with us. Then we're able to help them carry their baggage because we’ve already walked through a similar problem.
People story can be a key to unlock someone else’s prison. With your church-app in the hands of people, they can easily read about the wonders God is doing in your Organisation.
Do you want to share pictures and videos of past and current events with your congreration? With your church-app onboard gallery, you can easily share memorable events with both your members and the public in general
Our cloud storage, with its 100% Network Redundancy, will ensure delivery of your media gallery world-wide.

Simple & Affordable Pricing

Yearly Monthly

Pay for 10 months instead of 12 when paying annually!


  • People Management
  • Free Email
  • Share Testimony
  • Prayer Request
  • Quotes Sharing
  • Free Updates
  • Integrated Bible (KJV)
  • 5 Cap Audio Podcasts
  • 5 Cap Video Podcasts
  • 10 Album Picture Gallery
  • 50 Subscribers List
  • 4 Churchs Unit
  • 1 Branch


All Basic Features
  • Live Streaming
  • Free SMS
  • e-Evangelism
  • Devotional Guide
  • Hymn
  • Offering Payment Collection Directly into Church Account
  • Payment Collection Accounting Report
  • Follow Ups Management
  • Customize Email Templating
  • 15 Cap Audio Podcasts
  • 15 Cap Video Podcasts
  • 25 Album Picture Gallery
  • 200 Subscribers List
  • 7 Church Units
  • 4 Branches


All Standard Features
  • Free Website
  • Analystics
  • 50 Cap Audio Podcasts
  • 50 Cap Video Podcasts
  • 50 Album Picture Gallery
  • 500 Subscribers List
  • 15 Church Units
  • 10 Branches


All Large Features
  • Free Website
  • Analytics
  • Responsive Customize Email Template
  • Unlimited Cap Video Podcasts
  • Unlimited Album Picture Gallery
  • Unlimited Subscribers List
  • Unlimited Church Units
  • Unlimited Branches